• Critic, administrator, painter, illustrator, and historian of Bulgarian art. Rainov received degrees from the Ecclesiastical Seminary in Sofia and the University of Sofia. He graduated from the Academy of Art in Sofia in 1919, and held his first one-man exhibition in Plovdiv in 1922. He later moved to Paris, where he made wood-engravings and linocuts using allegorical and mythical symbols. Rainov published over 40 volumes of art historical research, including a dictionary of art (1928), a history of art and architecture, and a book about Bulgarian portraiture (1922).
  • Historian of Bulgarian art. Zakariev is principally known as a graphic artist. He graduated in 1919 from the Natsionalna Hudozhestvena Academia (the national academy of arts in Sofia). Between 1922 and 1924 studied in Leipzig at the State Academy of Graphic Art and Book Decoration. He returned to Sofia, rejoining the Academy, now as professor of graphic and decorative arts. He remained there the rest of his life, teaching illustration and producing prints. While engaged in these activities, he also wrote several books on Bulgarian artists and art of the medieval period.