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Anti-fascist, medieval, and Renaissance art historian. Giusta Nicco Fasola was born Giustina Maria Rosa to parents Marianna Rosa Cumino (Nicco) and Carlo Nicco in Turin. Giusta acquired her full education in the city of Turin attending the local schools for her elementary, high school, and undergraduate degrees. She graduated from the Università degli Studi di Torino in 1922 and 1924 acquired an undergraduate degrees in philosophy and literature, respectively.

Art historian, critic and magazine founder; Piero della Francesca scholar. Longhi's parents were originally from Emilia. Longhi wrote his dissertation on Caravaggio under Pietro Toesca in Turin, 1911. He supported himself by teaching art history in the licei (high schools) of Rome while attending the School of Advanced Studies (in Rome) under Adolfo Venturi. Venturi, impressed with Longhi's intellect, assigned him the book reviews section of Venturi's magazine, L'Arte, in 1914.